Responding to Students

Responding to Students

Step 1


You’ve recognized that your student is in distress or you are worried about your student. Now what?

Step 2


Consult with a department administrator, officer, or a support resource. These staff will help you strategize next steps.

  • Academic Administrators/Officers at MIT know their students well. They are a great resource if you do not feel comfortable speaking directly with the student.
  • Consult with a professional on campus and they can advise you and help you develop a plan.
  • A great place to start is S3 for undergraduates or OGE for graduate students.
Step 3

Act and Refer

Implement your plan. This may include talking to the student or having the staff member with whom you consulted follow through with the plan.

Make a referral. There are many support services that are ready to assist you with whatever issues arise. Don’t worry about which office you choose. All of the support offices work together and the most important thing is to get a student connected.

Step 4

Follow Up

Check in with the student, department administrator, officer, and/or the appropriate resource to make sure the student is supported properly.