Consult and Refer

Consult and Refer

Consult with professional resources you trust. Good people to talk to are your Academic Administrator/Officer or support offices like Student Support Services, the Office of Graduate Education, the Ombuds Office, and Student Mental Health & Counseling Services.

Refer a student quickly. There are many support offices on our campus. You don’t need to worry about where you send a student. All support offices are closely connected and will get the student where they need to be. The support offices are here to support you as well. You can call and talk through any concern you have at any time.

It may be helpful to write down what you did to assist the student, to help remember the details when you next meet with them.

Example referral scenario

Your student is not showing up for any scheduled meetings and also not responding to outreach including repeated calls and emails.

Call: OGE, S3, or CARE Team