Academic Examples

Academic Examples

MIT is often the first place that a student struggles or fails academically. Students who are struggling academically are often also grappling with other issues. Students respond to this in a variety of ways. Some common responses include isolation, acting out, illness, or irritability.


  • Not performing well academically
  • Concerning content written on an assignment or exam
  • Missing classes, exams, assignments, or research milestones
  • Needing excessive help deciding on majors, courses, or requirements
  • Navigating a disability
  • Not showing up in lab and/or failing to submit research updates
  • Yelling at a group member or TA

Referral Network

  • Academic Administrator/Officer
  • Academic Advisor
  • Dean on Call
    (after hours: 5pm–9am; weekends and holidays)
    617-253-1212 and ask for the Dean on Call
  • Disability and Access Services (DAS)
  • Office of Graduate Education (OGE)
  • Office of Minority Education (OME)
  • Office of the First Year
  • Student Support Services (S3)

See Section 4 for detailed information about referral offices.